• Office of Communications


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    Dr. Keisa Carr, Director of Communications & Community Relations




    Suzanne Barr, Communications & Community Relations Specialist



    Welcome to the Office of Communications! 

    The Office of Communications is responsible for the overall leadership of the Department in its communications and community relations activities. These activities are designed to engage the staff, parents, and communities in which the district resides. These include a wide variety of education, community, business, parent, student, and other organizations, in the Clarendon County School District's mission. Communication includes interaction and collaboration with the media, intergovernmental, and interagency organizations. Our mission is to provide ongoing communications and community relations throughout the district and the community in which it resides (see the CCSD Communications Diagram below). Protocols and forms have been set up to make the communications process feasible for everyone. Please see our Communications Plan for further details.

    Ongoing Communications Diagram