• ~ Mission ~

    The mission of Clarendon School District Two is "Educating Children".


    ~ Vision ~

    We envision that Clarendon School District Two:

    *will have a 100% graduation rate.

    *will model and expect strong positive character and high ethical values.

    *will encourage economic development.

    *will promote a healthy, socially inclusive atmosphere for all students.

    *will have positive perceptions/values within the community.

    *will have the support of the community, businesses, and faith-based organizations in school and district activities.

    *will support healthy lifestyles for students and staff.

    *will be the primary choice for individuals seeking employment in the educational system.

    *will be the primary choice for families and individuals seeking to educate their children.

    *will receive adequate funding to provide a complete and enriched environment for the whole child.

    *will be a model district in the state.

    *will engage all parents and guardians.

    *will have safe and drug-free facilities that promote a positive and healthy learning environment.

    *will display pride in our school system.

    *will provide appropriate best practices that maximize success and achievement for every child.

    *will encourage students to reach their highest potential.

    *will have a highly qualified professional staff.

    *will have 0% truancy rate.

    *will have a 95% or higher attendance rate among staff.

    *will ensure that each child has access to a personal digital device to facilitate student engagement in learning.

    *will provide instruction that is creative and innovative, engaging students in critical thinking and problem solving.

    *will facilitate opportunities for student to apply their interpersonal skills, work collaboratively and with self-direction.

    *will instruct with rigorous standards in language and math for career and college readiness.

    *will provide opportunities for students to develop 21st Century Skills that will prepare them for success as they pursue higher education and careers that will lead them to be productive citizens and lifelong learners.


    ~ Beliefs ~

    Clarendon School District Two believes:

    *A school system is as strong as its community.

    *A community is as strong as its school system.

    *The family is the first and strongest influence on the quality of human development.

    *All children can learn.

    *Learning is a lifelong process.

    *An educational system should exist to meet and exceed the needs of its learners.

    *Change is essential for continuous growth.

    *An understanding and acceptance of diverse cultures is essential for peace and harmony in our global society.

    *The parents, staff, students, and community are all responsible for the effectiveness of a school.

    *Everyone should be treated with dignity, respect and kindness.

    *Every life has value and possesses unlimited potential.

    *Everyone has a right to a safe environment conducive to learning.

    *Education plays a vital role in economic development and community growth.