• School Based Mental Health Services 


    The Clarendon County School District’s Social Work Department provides school-based mental health services to students experiencing social, emotional, behavioral issues affecting their academic success.


    We help students:

    • Overcome barriers to school attendance and achievement

    • Improve relationships with others

    • Cope with stress

    • Develop decision-making skills

    • Build confidence and competence

    • Increase academic progress

    We help parents:

    • Convey their concerns to school personnel

    • Participate more fully in their children’s education

    • Understand and meet their children’s social and emotional needs

    • Link with programs and community resources 

    We help schools:

    • Understand factors (cultural, familial, economic) that affect student performance

    • Assess student needs and design strategies to enhance student school success

    • Contribute to staff development

    • Develop and implement plans and programs to meet the needs of staff, students, and families

    We help communities:

    • Understand school policies, programs, and practices

    • Minimize those environmental factors that inhibit learning

    • Develop resources that adequately meet the needs of students and families

    • Recognize and mobilize their resources and collaborate with schools