• Please click on the underlined link below and answer all questions to refer a student for social work services. Thank you!

    School Social Work Services Referral

    Dear Parents/Guardians:


    Clarendon School District Two offers individual and group social work services to students. Your child has been referred for services which are provided by our Licensed School Social Worker. These services may include, but not be limited to talking with your child, teacher consultation, parent consultation, individual or group work, and/or services to the family. 


    Students referred to the School Social Worker may be experiencing social, emotional, and/or behavioral issues within or outside of school, that effect their learning. Students can see the School Social Worker three (3) times without having consent on file. Students who may wish to see the School Social Worker on an ongoing basis must have consent on file. 


    All content within sessions is kept confidential with the exception of threats to hurt his/her self or someone else of if the student reports any form of abuse or neglect.


    Kyndra J. Johnson, LMSW

    District School Social Worker

    Please click on the underlined link below to give permission for your child to receive school social work services.

    School Social Work Services Consent Form