• What services does a School Social Worker provide?

    Clarendon County School District School Social Workers partner with the school, family, and community to facilitate a supportive environment that enhances the student’s school success.

    School Social Workers Roles Include:

    • Connect students and families with community resources by assessing specific needs and building connections with those resources to ensure families with access and availability.
    • Communicate and collaborate with school officials, district staff, and families by participating in parent meetings, Individualized Education Plans (IEP) teams, 504 meetings, etc.  Also, to advocate on behalf of the students’ and families’ needs.
    • Advocate and educate school staff and community partners on behalf of the students’ and families’ needs and provide updated information regarding policies, procedures and laws that may be impactful on the school system, such as Truancy Laws, Mandatory Reporting, etc
    • Assist with upholding and implementing the South Carolina Attendance Compulsory Law and the Clarendon County School District Attendance Policy by assisting with educating staff, participating in implementation procedures at the school level (including the Attendance Intervention Plan (AIP) process), and providing services to decrease and/or eliminate attendance issues. 
    • Provide assistance to students and families when crisis situations arise to the best of their ability and as resources will permit, while maintaining responsibility for Mandated Reporting.  
    • Provide brief counseling and group services for students and families as needed; and to facilitate or co-facilitate student groups as appropriate.