• Credit Recovery can be completed through Plato.



    Policy IKADD* Content and Credit Recovery

    Issued 4/18

    Students who have been unsuccessful in mastering content or skills required to receive course credit may be offered the opportunity to participate in the district’s content or credit recovery programs.

    Content Recovery

    The district’s content recovery program consists of a course-specific, skill-based learning opportunity for students who are still enrolled in a course with the original teacher of record assigned by the school who have not achieved mastery of course content that has already been addressed. Content recovery allows a student to retake a subset of a course, including a single unit, more than one unit, or other supplemental assignments/activities assigned and approved by a certified teacher as needed for the student to achieve mastery of the course content.

    Credit Recovery

    The district’s credit recovery program consists of a course-specific, skill-based learning opportunity for students who have previously failed to master content or skills required to receive credit in a given course. The program is designed for students who are no longer enrolled in a course but who have achieved sufficient mastery to benefit from a block of instruction, less than the entirety of the course, which targets specific components or a subset of standards to address the student’s deficiencies.

    There will be no increase in the GPA of a student who achieves credit for a credit recovery course. Should a student wish to modify his/her GPA, he/she should repeat the full course for credit and not seek participation in the credit recovery program. 

    Student Athletes

    Student athletes and their parents/legal guardians should be aware that current National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules place strict limitations on credits earned through content recovery and credit recovery programs. Participation in these programs are likely to affect a student’s eligibility for NCAA play (i.e., VirtualSC credit recovery courses are not approved by the NCAA). Consult the district athletic director for more information. 

    Adopted 4/24/18